Vital Weekly about our first album

“Cluster Lizard is a duo of Kateryna Zavoloka, also known as Zavoloka and Dmytro Fedorenko, also known as Kotra (see elsewhere for a release of his own music). Together they run the Kvitnu label, also specialized in realms of techno music but of a different kind; more sonic overload. I had not heard their work as Cluster Lizard but heard much of their previous solo work. I can’t say it is exactly what I thought this would be, that would be too easy to say, but these two musicians don’t go very off the paths they walked so far. The rhythms are minimal, heavy and dark, in the best Kvitnu tradition; a bit industrial and not always that fast. The main difference, so it seems, lies in the use of synthesizers here. They are likewise heavy and paint pictures in black, brown and grey. There is a haunting quality to the music, like a soundtrack to a documentary of an industrial world in decay. It is all quite dark, but not without a hint of light, a shimmer of melody and a touch of hope, I guess. This is a slightly different taste of what we know already, and that, in my book, is always a good thing.”