Prophecy reviewed by Side-line

Background/Info: Ukrainian duo Dmytro FedorenkoKateryna Zavoloka (Zavoloka) released their debut album “Edge Of The Universe” in vinyl format on Le Cabanon Records. This production was released in 2017 and revealed an interesting sound approach created by those familiar artists from the Ukrainian underground scene. Dmytro Fedorenko is known as the owner from KVITNU and Kateryna Zavoloka is doing the design for the label while she also has her own solo-project called Zavoloka. Notice by the way Prostir is a label that has been set up by both protagonists to release the material of Cluster Lizard.

Content: Just like on the previous work, Cluster Lizard explores the wider fields of experimental- and industrial music. The atmospheres hanging over the work are quite essential while the industrial sound treatments inject a rough and harsh touch to the work. I also got the impression there’s a part of improvisation running in their work. But some passages are also more elaborated and feature subtle sound arrangements. Notice by the way the track titles are directly taken from poetry by William Blake, Lesya Ukrainka, Lex Gigeroff, Arthur Rimbaud and Lord Byron.

+ + + : I like the artwork of this album, which has been designed by Kateryna Zavoloka. It’s simple, but really original. Sound-wise Cluster Lizard aren’t repeating themselves although they hold on to similar influences as on their debut work. It’s an original opus with great sound atmospheres and noticeable cold sound treatments. “This Has Happened Before And It Will Happen Again” is a well-crafted cut revealing an intelligent sound format.

– – – : This album reveals more experimental passages than its predecessor and it’s not exactly the strongest part of this project.

Conclusion: Cluster Lizard confirms their potential and appears to be a creative and efficient alternative to the familiar industrial standards.

Best songs: “This Has Happened Before And It Will Happen Again”, Fighters Of The Fight, For Their Home And Their Heart”.